Monday, 20 July 2009

July 20th

The God Mother Dog in trouble

This time it was the God Mother Dogs turn to visit the vets after her foot got very painful yesterday evening, and sleeping on it did not help. The vet had to tell the old lady (18 years) that it was arthritis. Luckily the vets said that she thought she had some medicines that would keep the problem at bay, so we are now all crossing our paws. The God Mother Dog herself enjoyed getting out, so she felt a little better even before the medicines. Please cross your paws as well, as we all appreciate this old lady. It is not her fault she is a dog.

The Mamas Boy Dog said. “I can’t help myself, but I am so worried for her. She is the best dog in the whole world.”

Human attacked by flying tomato

Yesterday one of the humans where busy minding nothing but his own business (having a small nap) when he was attacked by a piece of flying tomato. An investigation showed that the Spokeshen had jump up on the table to steal the tomato she meant was rightfully hers. Unfortunately for her the tomato was so big that she had to eat it there and then. The tomato kicking up a fight did not surrender so she had to use force. While disembodying the tomato she miscalculated a bit and a larger piece flew off and hit the human in his face.

The Spokeshen said: “Off course it was an accident! It is not like I would ever share a tomato voluntarily.”

The new nest box inlays have arrived

The new nest box inlays have now arrived, and after testing them out for a couple of days they seems to work very well. The hens are now the most updated hens in the area.

The Expert Egg Layer Hen said: “This sure makes the laying more comfortable, and I have soon finished that Sudoku.”

Strange talk from the humans

Yesterday the humans went away saying they where off to see a farm with llamas, peacocks, goats and a lot of others animals as well. Than when they returned back they seemed strangely enough pleased about what they have seen, and started talking about having got some positive answer regarding which animals could live together, space needed and what kind of fencing to use.

The Humans say: “Not to worry, there will not be this year.”

One proud pig

The Tiny Pig is for the time being a very proud pig man after he single noosed caught a moth. The moth did resist being eaten, but the Tiny Pig was all over him, and the moth lost before he really saw it was coming.

The Tiny Pig said: “I am a BIG actually HUGE hunter.”

Number of eggs today: 2

Weather Forecast

Actually the weather is not half bad. It has been less than 30 degrees for a couple of days.

The Dogs recommend you to enjoy it as it will not last forever.


  1. Please send our very best wishes to the God Mother Dog. 18 years old is a remarkable age for a dog.
    Purrs, =^,^= =^-^=

  2. Thank you Greebo and Tiger Lily : ) She is doing beter today! We know she is old, but we would love for her to stay with us for quit some years to come. After all when your first 16 years consist on gross neglience and abuse, you do disserve a nice long retirement.