Wednesday, 8 July 2009

July 8th

Chief cat on the mends

The Chief Cat has almost recovered, and is again enjoying the company of his food bowl.

The vets confirmed that it was a tooth that was the problem.

The Chief Cat says: “I don’t know how anyone could even believe for a second that this was the result of a hunt gone wrong. I have never had a hunt gone wrong. I am not sure who put out this ridiculous rumour in the beginning, but it has The Model Cat written all over it.”

The importance of dental hygiene

Due to the late episode with the Chief Cats bad tooth we would like to remind you all to take your dental hygiene very seriously. If you do not approve of mirrors have a friend help you check if your tooth could need some special attention. Remember, good dental hygiene can save you from a trip to the vets.


Happy days

The Hen Department is now official off medication. This has been celebrated with some long walks and nice hunts outside the chicken run.

The Spokeshen said: “The grass is always greener over there.”

Pig school continues

The Pigs have no summer vacation from their school. Today they have been practising hard on how to walk on a leash. This is very difficult indeed, as that’s mean they will have to walk by perfectly eatable greens. Luckily the Dogs do their best to encourage the trainees.

The God Mother Dog says: “Truth be told, I actually struggled a little bit with the leash myself when I first started. Not as much as the piglets off course, but yes, I did have some problems getting the leash to take me where I wanted to go.”

When Mamas Boy Dog met the Truffle Dog

Yesterday when the Mamas Boy Dog volunteered to follow the Piglets up to the Neighbours for some proper leash training, he met the Truffle Dog. Forgotten was all about the piglets and he only had eyes for this amazing beauty standing in front of him. The Truffle Dog herself did not seem to mind the attention, but she is not getting involved with piglets. Piglets are bad for the truffle business.

The God Mother Dog says: “Can’t I let him go anywhere for himself? How many times do I have to tell him about these sluts living next door? Let me tell you, there does not exist a dog well enough for my beloved boy!”

Is the Model cat ill?

We are very concerned for the Model Cat, after he was observed voluntarily climbing up on a human lap for some cuddling. This is so unlike him.

The Model Cat says: “I normally don’t enjoy doing such things, but I needed some help to get some fur removed.”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

Yep, it is as normal. The Sun is naked and the temperatures are increasing rapidly.

The Dogs recommend that you get your shadows ready.

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