Friday, 3 July 2009

July 3rd

Human coming home!
Everyone is now standing on their heads trying to get everything ready to when the other human finally comes home this night. The dogs and cats works together with shedding a complete fleece to him, the hen department is laying egg (nobody has the hart to tell them what egg caranteene really meens) to him, and the pigs are sitting down all over the place.
The God Mother Dog said: "So sorry but I have no time for comments right now, as I have so much to do before the other Human comes home."

Cat observed running in the sun

The Primadonna Cat was yesterday observed running in the sun. This is completely unheard of, and we could not believe it our self. Luckily we managed to get some photographic evidence.

The Primadonna Cat gave the following explanation: “I have always heard that you should not knock it until you have tried it. Now I have tried it, and I will definitively knock it.”

Snake visiting

A snake was spotted leaving the scene in a very rapid matter. He was actually so fast that it is not agreed upon what kind of snake it was, but it is agreed that it was very long indeed.

The Model Cat said: “Off course he was fast. He did not want to be my next playmate.”

Svimming?pool under construction

The Hen Department started the construction on their swimming pool long before they where imprisoned in their henhouse, but it was this imprisoning who really got the construction going. The pool is not almost finished, just some last decoration details left, and some nice long dust baths have been done. This was such a success that 2 more pools have been started on other parts in their garden. The big one the humans build is not in use as the construction with out doubt is completely wrong.

The Spokeshen said: “Who would ever know that construction was this much fun.”


The Pigs are working hard with their education. Actually they are taking it so seriously that they are not only demanding extra lessons, but they even insist on homework. The pigs are seen practising on their sitting downs. Trying out new ways to sit and discuss which sittings they like best.

The Chief Pig say: "This sitting thing, well it is actually quit fun, but what is this we here about lying down and give your paw?"

Peacecat still very sad

The Peacecat is still very disapointed that nobody asked for his Sunday article. He does realize that peacenegotiators will never bee appreciated.

The Peacecat managed to say: "And I that had actually looked forward to sharing my job and life with you."

Numbers of eggs today: 2

Total numbers off eggs: 38

Weather Forecast:

The normal!! Hot hotter hottest. The sun enjoys staying naked.

The dogs recommend you to yet again find the coolest spot you know and keep staying there.

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