Monday, 6 July 2009

July 6th

Chief Cat brought to the vet
Yesterday evening the Chief cat’s mouth looked a little strange. This morning it had got a huge lump underneath it. This lump was so awful that he almost vent to the vet voluntarily.
Due to the characters of the lump it was a little unclear if this was a result of a bad tooth or a hunt gone wrong, but the vet hoped to have the answer tomorrow. The Chief Cat has to go back for more injections, but when life could not get any worse, at least he gets his favourite food. This food he chose not to share with the other hungry cats.
The Chief Cat has given the following statement: “Off sick me….? No no no I just need some good food and a little rest!”

The other humans is back
The other human is now back. This has been celebrated the whole weekend. The Dogs even went all the way to the airport (2 hours each way) to meet him. The other human was observed touched by their caring.
The God Mother Dog says: “Well, we knew he had missed us terrible, so we though we go all the way and meet him at the airport. It is not like we like to drive the car or anything.”

River pigs
With both humans home, the pigs decided to join the dogs for a cooling trip down to the river. The dogs had until this found these trips joyful, but after seeing the pigs having their baths, they are not that sure anymore. The pigs themselves have never been cleaner.
The Pig department gave the following official statement: “The Pig Department will from now on be known as the river pigs. The river is the coolest place we know, and wet breadsticks taste yummy.”

We are not sure what the humans are up to, but what is the rumours we hear that they are thinking of getting a peacock couple. The male human said it would be nice to have something nice to look at. This is a strange thing to say for somebody who shares a house with 4 cats.
The Spokeshen said: “We don’t personally know any peacocks, but we have heard they are chicken that reads fashion magazine.”

Chicks confined
The new hens were yet again confined to their M.A.Q.H (Mobile Animal Quarantine Housing) this weekend, due to a medical treatment program.
The Escape hen said: This could have been so nice if it hadn’t been for the pig always trying to steal our food.”

Number of eggs today: 2
Total numbers of eggs: 45

Weather forecast
The air is still fresh after a heavy thunderstorm last night. Unfortunately the sun is back to her undressed self. This meaning the weather continues to stay hot!
The dogs recommend you to check your napping spots carefully, as they may still be a little moist.

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