Monday, 13 July 2009

July 13th

Butterfly safari

The good friends the Model Cat and the Peacecat have just arrived back from a butterfly safari. This was a huge success when the 2 lucky cats observed a new butterfly on the block. After a long discussion they decided to call the newcomers for “the purple ones”. Purrfectly good names like “the Model Cats butterfly” or “the Peacecats butterfly” was rejected.

No butterflies were harmed during this safari.

The Model cat said: “I still think the Model Cats butterfly was the best name.”

(Unfortunately we do not have any photo of the new butterfly species yet, so in the mean time please enjoy this photo of the “Backwards flying butterfly.)


Guest humans have a tendency to call us animals spoiled. Yesterday during the Formula one race, the male human explained what it meant. It shows out that we all have an inbuilt spoiler that kicks in when we run fast. This is to keep us balanced and close to the ground so that we shall not loose control over the back part of our bodies during a fast turn. So therefore jealous not so fast moving humans call us spoiled, which we are.

The Model cat said: “I run very fast so I have a big spoiler!”

Falling pigs

Is there something wrong with the pigs balance? As soon as they get touched where the tail is connected to their back they just seem to keel over. The same effect seems to happen when they get scratched behind their ears.

The Chief Pig says: So I do enjoy the occasional tummy scrub!”

Happy chicks?

Yesterday evening the new nest box inlays finally arrived. The hens had been waiting for this for quit a while. Off course when they first arrived did they get truly happy? NOPE! They all agreed that the decoration was totally lame, and not at all inspirational for egg laying. So now they are grumpily waiting for the new decoration they have ordered.

The Spokeshen said: “We like to be treated as the queen I am!”

The art of doing nothing

The dogs have no perfected the art of doing absolutely nothing. They thought of giving lesson in the art, but this was rejected shortly as this would have meant they where actually doing something.

The God Mother Dog said: “It’s hot! OK?!”

The Poll!
The Peacecat will like to thank everyone that has voted in the poll, and for those of you hat still have not voted, it is still not too late.

Number of eggs today: 3

Out of these 1 giant egg laid by the Expert Laying Hen.

Measurements: 76gr 15/17cm

Weather forecast


The dogs recommend you to do as little as possible, just remember to drink.

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