Monday, 29 June 2009

June 29th

Angry Spokeshen

The Spokeshen has today been told she has to stay in her quarters the whole day, due to medication in her water. This did not go down well with her, as this really did not fit in with her plans to walk around getting some exercise and a lot of insects. Like the Model Cat hunting is one of her favourite hobbies.

The Spokehen had this to say: “This is outrages! Beeing imprisoned like that. So I need some medication, ha! With my strickt exercise program and healthy eating, I am sure I would get well eventually anyway.”


Due to his habit of getting caught red snouted in the food bowls to the cats and dogs a small prison has been built to punish the Chief Pig. Unfortunately this does not seem to bother him a bit, as he only considers it as a peaceful break between his raidings.

The Thief Pig says: “Food is food and it really is finder’s keepers. Why is that so hard to understand?”

(Photo taken by SubHuman)

Cat observed outside the henhouse

The Peacecat continue his quest for total understanding between the species and has therefore been having a lot of meetings with the hen department. Especially he and the Spokeshen seem to really hit it off, taking small walks together.

The Peacecat says: “The Spokeshen and I have become good friends as we both love to work for peace and understanding.”

New hens ready to arrive
Today the animalstore called to say that the new hens were ready to arrive. Therefore human is bussy makin a pecial enclosure for them, were they can stay for 2 days. We hope they have a pleasant personallity as the Spokeshen.
The Spokeshen had this to say: "Are the eggs really supposed to be eaten?"


Due to the heat there really isn’t much going on. Therefore we have comed to the conclution that we will only deliver the Latest News 3 times a week: Monday, Wedensday and Friday. If you do ask nicely though, the Peacecat has said he is willing to introduce himself in an article at Sunday, so this is totally up to you. Are you interested in this write a comment or send me a message at Facebook.

The Peacecat says: “If wanted I can let you know a little bit about how I become the Peacecat, and my way there.”

Numbers of eggs today: 3

JUHUU as we write it is now a huge party in the Hen House to celebrate the first day were all the hens have laid eggs. We are all so proud of them, and conratulations can be written in the comment field. They are doing a great job.

Total numbers of eggs: 31

Weather Forecast

The sun is naked and plans to stay that way, so hot and heat as normal. No wind to cool down.

The Dogs recommend to do your best out of it, wich means to do as little as possible.


  1. Hi TamTam:) Like your blog! We have summer, really hot. Love the pigs! They are cute - yes! You too!!! Marit

  2. Hei TamTam,
    thanks for the update,
    btw subhuman is doing well in our own heat up here, and is due for a new cast tomorrow.

    Updates only three times a week, bad news indeed. I usually go in and read before bedtime - how will I be able to sleep?

    And yes of course we wants Bastians interview - the sooner the better.
    Regards too you all, warm blessings from north.
    hugs and tummycuttles.

  3. updates every day please!!

  4. I want daily updates please! :-))

  5. yes please ... a Sunday Update.

    I would like to here the history of each of the animals in their own words ...

    I needz me sum daily readinz