Sunday, 21 June 2009

June 21st

Pigs on the run
While returning to their pen, the pigs suddenly took a strange turn. It can seem it was planned, as their speed increased rapidly. They soon outrun the rather slow humans (it is true, they are slow) and the rest really could not be bothered tracking them down. But spite the pigs cunning plan of leaving out misleading tracks, they where returned in a couple of hours.
The peacecat gave this comment: “Tomorrow I will have to sit down with the pigs and yet again tell them how things work. Kids, you just have to be patient.”

Sub human failed important training test
The Subhuman is still with us. He is for the time being on a strict training program. The truth be told, there s high hopes for him. Still he did fail yesterdays important test. Even though he was leaded to the food bowl, he did not manage to give us a midnight snack. Than again, this is something the regular humans fails as well!
The Peacecat had the following comment: “I try to be really open minded, but what can I say. Humans are slow slow learners.”

Male bonding
This morning all the men at the farm went for a walk. This was great. Nobody fought, not once. The peacefulness of the trip was actually very strange indeed, as the females where not with to calm us down. Off course the human entertained by sliding down the mud, in what jut can be considered as highly non fashionable style.
The Peacecat had this to say about the matter: “Prrrrrr It was just so fun to only be us guys.”

Rooster loosing?
Unfortunately the Rooster has started to limp again. This is very sad news, and we are all vey concerned for his safe being. He has been put back on antibiotics, but is it enough. Even the vet is seriously concerned.
The Peacecat like to comment this matter: “We are all purrrrrring for his rapid recovery. Everyone is invited to purr with us!”

Wasp removal
Today a new house was discovered. This house was not wanted, as it was filled with wasps. The small house was removed immediately, and the only one stung was the human. This was the 3rd house removal of the season.
The Peacecat said: “Good riddens! Yes, I believe in understanding between species, but sometime even I have to toss in my cards, and after spending a day in hospital after a beesting last year….. well, you may get my point here. I strongly dislike the bastards”

Numbers of eggs today: 0 Total numbers of eggs: 14 Weather forecast
After all the rain (19 mm) the air is feeling great.
The dogs recommend you to get out there and enjoy yourself.

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