Tuesday, 9 June 2009

June 9th

Yesterday the human did a poor job, and miscalculated totally the cats need for food during the night. We being the perfect kittens we are, off course tried to wake the human up so that she could rectify her errors, but NO. She just kept on sleeping! This is totally unheard of and we seriously consider replacing her. In the meantime we almost had to go out and fend for ourselves. It sure was one very loooong hour.
No cat where available for comments, as they where why to busy eating.

The hens continue to surprise in the egg department. Yesterday they showed up with not only one egg, but two. Now the question on everybody’s lips is what will happen with the egg laying when the eggs are antibiotic free. In the meantime the current eggs are enjoying their life in the compost.
The spokehen says that they now feel for laying some eggs, and that that’s all there is to it.

Rooster rising
The rooster is continuing to get better. Not only is he standing on both his feet, but he has even been observed walking around his M.A.S.H. (Mobile Animal Sickbed Housing). This can only be good news.
The rooster is as usual not commenting anything, but the spokehen says all the hens are delighted to hear that he is recovering, and that they hope to get him back in time for the weekend.

Looking good
The eye piercing pig is also doing well. He has come to the conclusion that the medication might not be as bad as first thought (still very bad though) as he is getting a lot of apples during the sessions. He is actually getting ready for a new session as we write.
The Thief Pig says that someone really goes to drastic matters to get their favourite snack. Stealing is much more fun and a lot safer.

Catnip harvested
Today the catnip was finally harvested. Due to the untimely delay of the harvest this was the biggest one yet this season. Some content cats are now seen sleeping happily under the catnip dryer station.
We managed to get the following comment from the Catnip Producer “I feel all tingly, all over, life is great”

Weather Forecast
The sun is dressed bye ugly looking clouds. At the same time the wind is on a break so we have now idea when the sun will get undressed again. In the meantime we predict a comfy temperature outside.
The dogs recommend to use this day to catch up with the inspection on all your favourite snoozing places outdoor.

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