Saturday, 13 June 2009

june 13th

The dogs and cats are having their annual “help the builders” campaign. They are therefore sacrificing their fur to help the local wild birds to get isolation material. Strangely enough the shed fur is not being collected. This is to the surprise of the concerned furdressed animals on the farm.
The Chief cat has issued the following statement “Trying to good are so often misunderstood”.

The free press in trouble
As mentioned yesterday, the free press has suffered drastically, and that of the cost of the hens. Fare enough, the cleaning and re-chalking was needed, but closing the print, that is taking it a little too far. Like what going on outside the house of the hens isn’t really important! Believe me, it is! You might not believe it after yesterday, but it is a world out there! A huge world, hens allowed but really not necessary.
No further comments, as this was a comment in itself.

Pretty in white

Yesterday the hen house was scrubbed down from head to tow, and re chalked. This was to celebrate the recovery of the birds. The hens followed the operation closely, always ready to lend a wing, but besides that, this was a human job. We animals where off course having better things to do. When finished the hen house was white, all over. This made the rooster so happy that he finally decided it was time to leave his M.A.S.H. and move back in with his beautiful hens. At least that is what we thought his though where, as he is still not on speaking terms.
The spokeshen says they are all thrilled that they got there house decorated just like they liked it, and that they are even more thrilled to have their beloved rooster back home where I belongs.

Beetle infestation
A 3 cm long beetle was today rescued from the house and carried out in the shadows.
The beetle said that “I think I took a wrong turn”

Pigs about.
The pigs where today placed in the car. The word vets was mentioned. The pig might be a little tiresome sometimes, but the vets? We did not envy them at all. The vets where tired of them to it seemed like, as they said they did recover splendidly, and only the quit pig needed to come back. To bad, as the quit time while the pigs are gone are highly appreciated.
A comment has been issued from the Chief Pig. “It is not like we mind going to the vets, it is just that this seriously eats up our eating time, and to be frankly, that is something we can’t afford.

Number off eggs: 1

Weather forecast

The dogs say it is very important to remember to drink. The river is a nice spot for doing right so, drinking.

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  1. hei TamTam,
    so glad you are back with daily news!
    thank you for the degrees you sent up this morning, we ended up with a bright,sunny day - which was a bit unexpected indeed.

    hugs Torild