Friday, 5 June 2009

June 5th

Exercise for the elderly
You can say MUCH about pigs, but they have their good sides as well. For instance yesterday evening they did without a thought for their own wellbeing, take the humans out for some exercise. Not only our humans but also the humans next door. The exercise ended rapidly when the chief pig found a strawberry field. The Peacecat sais that exercise makes you happy, and that everyone should exercise every day.

Exercise in discussion
The Peacecats statement about exercise (see exercise for the elderly) did not go completely down with its fellow cats. The friendly discussion soon got a little heated and elaborated from there. 3 very tired cats did afterwards agree that if nothing else exercise make you hungry and went in for a snack.

The vets

It went a cold shiver through us all when the humans started talking about ”the vet”. The hen department has all off our support in this time of suffering. The vets told the humans that they needed antibiotics to get rid of their tummy problems. We all sincerely hope this will work as nobody likes a tummy ache. The rooster is still not commenting, but the hens say they look forward to a rapid recovery, rooster included.


The problems in the hen department have not upset us all.

We all try to encourage them in their times of need, now also with a true performance of “Cats”. If I might say it myself the performance was splendid! The best I have ever heard. The other critics was somewhat poorly written, and clearly not written by musical lovers, so I will not bother adding them to this news.


During one of their excursions to the river, the dog spotted a huge heron. Frighten that the human would invite this huge bird to come stay with us the wisely turned immediately. The Good Mother dog said there was nothing else to do, as you never know with these strange humans. After all they do feed all the birds in the neighbourhood throughout the winter.

Weather forecast
The sun is currently being covered by some nasty looking clouds. The clouds look like they might get a leak. If that should happen, the dogs recommend to rapidly getting inside.

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