Saturday, 27 June 2009

June 27th

Rooster still on boost

The Rooster is still getting daily fix, but the vets claims he really is getting better, and he has therefore started on a step down program. In the meantime he is enjoying a quit life in the henhouse, and when feeling particularlily good he even joins the hen for a short walk outside.

For the very first time the Rooster gave a statement, but we did not quit catch it, as it went like this: “mumblemuuumblemmmmumble”

More nut cracking

After a serious nut cracking party in the pig department, where the menu was as following:

Starters: Peanuts

Main course: Walnut

Dessert: Lots and lots of hazel nuts.

Also the Tiny Pig had his nuts cracked (removed). The surgery went splendid, but due to a heavy and quit loooong speech from Tiny Pig in the recovery room, he was rapidly moved in to his very own suit.

A fellow patience of the Dog Species had this to say about the matter: “Here I was trying to recover from my own nut cracking, and than this pig just couldn’t stop talking. We just had to complain as it was not possible to concentrate fully on our own misery.”

Peacewalks cotinues.

Today even the Spokeshen had agreed to come along. This made the Peacecat so happy that he arranged for a surprise for everyone. During the normal discussion session underneath the Cherry tree, he had invited a guest speaker. A local hare had a short speech about the life as a hare amongst the wine yards. His speech was very popular amongst all the participants who momentarily forgot all about there own differences, and was spell bounded by the hare.

We where lucky to get a short statement from the hare: “When the Peacecat asked if I could help build a bridge over the gap between the species, well I just loved the idea.”

Cat flap attacked by dog

Yesterday night the innocent cat flap was attacked by Mamas Boy Dog. This happened at the same time as a major firework session in the neighbour village.

The shivering dog said: “Off course I did not try to brake into the cat flap because of the firework. I just gently popped my head through to ask if somebody wanted to watch it with me!”

Hot cat on the move

A very hot Chief Cat was today observed moving and that in the middle of the siesta. We where all immediately put on alert as these kinds of movings should never been in this heat. Luckily it was all a false alarm. Yes he had been moving, but only because he was dreaming. This calmed the situation and we all continued with the “not moving at all, it is very hot” procedure.

The Chief Cat said: “I just had this lovely dream where the Primadonna Cat and I shared a huuuge plate of tuna.”

Numbers of eggs today: 2
Total numbers of eggs: 25

Weather forecast:
The rumours that the previous homeland to most of the cats would most likely be hotter than here today seems to be totally groundless!!!! The dogs recommend: Wherever you can find a somewhat cold spot you grab it!

I am so sorry for the lack of news lately. Unfortunaletly we have had some internet connection.

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