Thursday, 4 June 2009

June 4th

Cat attacked by pig

A sleeping cat was today the vicktim of a malecious pig attack. He say it was a rather unpleasant surprise to wake up with a pig staring into your eyes. The cat had to evacuate his sleeping spot, but after a short time he gained controll of the situation and reclaimed his sleeping sot. The cat is not available for comment as he is still sleeping and will not be disturbed further. The dog in the area states that this is a common problem in this area, and that the only thing that helps are some propper growling in the pigs direction.

Chicken run
After the door to the chichen run got open a hen was observed running around it trying to get back in. With some help she was rapidly guided in the right direction and the happy hen returned to her favourite hobby, eating. The peacenegotianting cat says that it can be hard for everyone to find the exit/entrance when the panick is luring. Experience will by time keep the panick away he says.

The peacenegotiator cat invited today cats, humans, pigs and dogs for a walk to discuss the sometimes unpeacful communication between the diffrent species. The walk was told to be a sucess, spite a coupple of dispute between pigs and dogs. The peacecat says that nothing else was to be suspected, and that the trip went better than he had hoped for. After all Rome wasn't build in a day he says.

Lack of eggs
A researchteam is working on finding the solution to the complete draught of eggs in the area, but so far it stays a mystery. The non speaking rooster refuse to comment on the matter.

Wet dog
There where no eyewitnesses when a dog fell out in the mighty Belbo River, but he was observed leaving it in a very wet condition. He claims it was a result of a totally volentarely bath, but spite the hot water and another vading dog and vading human he refused to get back into the water.

Rooster awakening

The local rooster have been seen awake at several occasion. The rumours that he might even will start to talk is still not confirmed and the rooster itself refuse to say anything at the matter

2 dead mice
2 dead mice was found today lying in an open area. Also dead moles, snakes and lizzard are often to be find lying dead in open areas.
The peacecat says that if these animals enjoy to lay dead in these open areas he feel it is his responsibliy to help in the matter, as the freedom to speach must be taken seriously.

Weather forcast
It will most likely be another hot day as it was 20 degrees before 8 am, and the sun is very much up.
The dogs recomand to stay in the shadow and go vading in the river.

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