Friday, 19 June 2009

June 19th

The nut cracking
Today the day we all have been waiting for finally arrived. The Chief Pug went to the nut cracker and had his own nuts removed. We can already see that he is calmer; there he is sleeping it off in the M.A.S.H. (Mobile Animal Sickbed Housing). Now we just have to get the other little pig to pay the nut cracker the same visit.
One of our sources tells us that the Chief Pig was behaving great and actually perfect under the whole ordeal. Our other source tells us that nobody spoke higher than him, and that he got kind of furious while he was put in a cage for recovery. This other source is the vet, so whether this source is trustworthy is highly questionable.
The Little Pig says: “I am sure he behaved fantastic, as he always does. He has no faults whatsoever, and I can’t wait to follow his hoof prints.”

Redecoration of the M.A.S.H.
The Chief Pig has started to redecorate the M.A.S.H. unit. He is still not completely finished, but you can clearly see that he is going for the shredded newspaper meet towel and blankets look.
The decorator himself said the following: “Just because you feel a little groggy does not mean that you are not in to the latest trend. I have always believed that a nice looking environment makes you feel better in a jiffy”.
Bathing day
Earlier to day the dogs had to take a bath. This is something everyone enjoys to watch, and the orchestra seats where all taken. The review was a little disappointing, as the dogs where told to co-operate completely. This was to huge dismay of the public.
The God Mother Dog said: “It is not like I actually like it, but on a hot day………”

The Substitute human
So far the substitute human (from now on referred to as the Subhuman”) is doing OK. Bribes seem to work well with everyone at 4 paws. Tummy scrubs also seems to be handled well.
The following was heard from the Model Cat: “PPRRRRR He says I look perfect, and that a piece of cheese never has hurt anyone.”

Happy hunting
The spokeshen herself caught today a huge black ant. This brought on some jealously between the hens. All the hens started training and hunting for these ants, but no one ever appeared, but they are not given up hoping.
An official statement has been given from the ant department: “We have moved on to a secret location.”

Numbers of eggs today: 1
Total numbers off eggs: 13

Weather forecast
It is still hot, very, hot, but the sunn has started to get dressead again and some heavy leaking might very well occure shortly. The dogs recommends to find your favourite dry and cool spot.

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