Wednesday, 10 June 2009

June 10th

Back to normal

After several days with egg laying (read 2) everything is now back to normal in the hen department. Yet again no eggs are getting laid. The hen has our total support, as laying egg must be very painful.

We where lucky and got a statement from the spokeshen. “Sometimes we feel for it, sometimes we don’t”.

Walking the humans

Lately we have had a feeling that our human (that is currently alone) have been a tad stressed. Therefore the Peacecat decided that he and Mama’s Boy Dog should take here for an evening walk. She where allowed to walk wherever she wanted, as long as she took the usual round. The walk was totally peaceful!

The human said she is truly touched about the concern, and that this quit walk was just what the doctor ordered.

Romantic trouble

The Chief Pig so appreciate the Peacecats negations that he has started getting some rather warm feeling for him. He is now faithfully following his idol while he makes up small songs for him a long the way.

The Peacecat was not available for comments, as he is currently in hiding. The God Mother dog did give a short statement though. “Serves him right, finally he can himself experience how it is to be stalked and not be the stalker himself for a change”.

Kicked out

The Primadonna cat is chocked. Here she was just ready to lay down for a nap, after placing the human’s feet just the way she likes them. Than what happens? Jepp, the human moves her feet violently away. This was off course totally unacceptable and the Primadonna Cat clearly told everyone in the area what she thought of the matter. A freshly awakened human asked and begged for forgiveness, but al in vain. The Primadonna Cat marched angry over to the other end of the bed and refused to come back.

The Primadonna cat said “Here I am trying to be friendly, and this is how I get thanked!”

Food disappearing

Lately food seems to vanish into thin air. Whenever you want to pay your food bowl a visit the food bowl is empty. This is truly worrying, as everybody knows that a thick layer of isolation is the only status that matter. The only ones who do not seem to be bothered about empty food bowls are the pigs. Actually it can look like this phenomenon strangely enough has a fattening result on pigs.

The Chief Cat says “I feel hungry”.

Weather Forecast

The weather is not only cloudy, but right out grey! It will probably be a little windier later on to day, and than maybe the sun decided to dress down a little. In the mean time the dogs does maybe not only recommend to stay outdoor, but you even ought to consider a long walk.

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