Tuesday, 23 June 2009

June 23rd

Cat awakened by intensive snooring.

The Primadonna Cat was lying in the bed sleeping peacefully and minding nothing but her own business when she was rudely awaken by some intensive snoring. Not trying to make a fuzz about it she just moved over to the other side of the bed to continue her beauty sleep. After a short while she was yet woke up to this awful snoring noise. The snoring stopped immediately as there where no other sleepers in the room.

The Primadonna Cat had only one thing to say about the matter: “I DO NOT SNOOORE!!!”

Leash training

The pigs thoughts about involving everyone in their exercise program has been up for discussion. The discussion was not long as expect for the pigs nobody else enjoyed this kind of exercise and agreed that this had to stop. No perfect solution is found yet, but as a step in the right direction the Pigs have been put on leash training. Some Pigs struggle more with this than others.

The Tiny Pig gave the following statement: “I try to wear my leash in a fashionable way, but it is so hard to find the perfect way to wear it. I honestly think the best way is not to wear it at all.”

Rooster and Spokeshen go to the vet

Yesterday the Rooster was invited to the vet. There he was injected with some nice antibiotic that is supposed to help heel his leg. The Spokeshen that went with just to keep her beloved Rooster company is still depressed after the Vets agreed that her beak was totally wrong, and that she should not have been out for sale. Neither should she reproduce.

The depressed Spokeshen cried: “I have always thought my beak was so good looking. This is for sure the last time I will ever pay those mean chicks a visit.”

Tiny Pig up for nutcaracking

The Chief Pig is doing swell after he had his nuts cracked (or removed) so he has recommended this for the Tiny Pig. The Tiny Pig therefore insisted on having his nuts cracked as well, and an appointment was made for him. The big day is now only 2 days ahead.

The Tiny Pig said: “I just can’t wait!”

SubHuman doing well

We are happy to report that the SubHuman is responding well to our training. Off course he still has a long way to go, but important stuff like, who he should photograph, and that a snack is always welcome, that seems to sit. All over we are very content with him.

The God Mother Dog says: “Where it is bones it is hope, and he have given me some of those.”

Number of eggs today: 2

Total number of eggs: 18

Weather Forecast

The sun is naked and here wardrobe seems to be empty. Therefore the heat is likely to increase in a rapid way. The Dogs recommend you to get your inside spots ready to keep you cool.

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