Sunday, 28 June 2009

June 28th

Pig stuck in cat flap
The Chief Pig was yesterday after dinner caught stuck in the cat flap. The pigs tummy had suddenly become so huge that it did not enter as well as the Chief Pig were used to. After several tries the results were the same. He was left outside and the cat food was yet again safe. Off course the sounds effect of Pig stuck in cat flap is somewhat unpleasant, so hopefully the Chief Pig will give up his persistence tries soon.
The Model Cat gladly gave a statement regarding this matter: “JUHUUUUU JIPPPI HURRAY HURRAY HURRRRRRRAYYYY!!!!”

See who is walking
Today we all were very pleased to se that the rooster actually was out walking, without limping! We hope this is a sign that he is finally going to recover from all his problems.
The Spokeshen was glad to say: “We have been waiting for this so long.”

Looking into the brody business
One of the hens has lately been looking into the marked of brooding. So far no decision has been made, but she has been notice to nest the eggs just a little longer than normal.
The Hen says: “It is not like I want kids or anything, I just like to check out my possibilities:”

Neighbour Dog trespassing
Yesterday evening the Neighbour Dog was yesterday yet again caught trespassing through our property. This kind of made the Chief Cat a little irritated so he gently asked the Bastard to leave in his most polite way. This seemed to terrify the Bastard, and he rapidly decided he had forgotten something very important at his house.
The Primadonna cat had this to say: “Pppprrrrrr The Chief Cat is just sooo cooool!”

Very rare lizard observed
Today a lizard with an intact tail was observed. This is a very rare sight in these parts. A research team has been put together to look at the connection of heat and fast growing lizard tails.
The Chief Pig says: “I really would not mind a lizard tail right now.”

Numbers off eggs today: 2
Total numbers of eggs: 28

Weather forecast
To hot to think so the dogs have no reccomendation for today.


  1. congrats on the continued increase in eggs.
    always good to read your news.
    nothing happening on the Burke Farm these days.

  2. Not much happening here either "lol" Just to hot!!