Monday, 8 June 2009

June 8th

Rooster booster

The rooster has been getting some fine boosts from the vet and is feeling slightly better. He still has some way to go, but he is eating good and sometimes standing on both feet. Still we are a little worried about what is in the boosts as he has now started to prune himself every time he hears the word vet.

The rooster itself has returned to his usual silent self, and refuse to give a comment.

Green eyed monster

We where all chocked when one of he pig yesterday managed to pierce his eye with a straw. He was rushed to the vet for a straw removal. The vet luckily managed to get the straw out quit easily. Unfortunately the green eyed test showed he had a wound of his cornea. So an unlucky pig is now on a 20 days strict medicine program. Rests assure that this medication does not in any way stopping from be his usual piggy way, and the eye injury does not seem to bother him much at all.

The pig himself gave us a short comment in between a couple of mouthful. “It is a little irritating with all the time that get lost while I am getting medicated, but otherwise it really does not bother me that much” he sais. When asked how it happened he just suddenly gets very busy chewing.

The model acts

Yesterday the Model Cat was yet on one of his photo sessions. Luckily he has absolutely non faults what so ever, so he is very sought off. His talent does not stop in front of the camera, but he also direct the photographer as well. For instance he just saved the photographer from total embarrassment by refusing to where the ribbon “nicely” around his neck but recommended that he should hunt it instead. It is needless to say that the result was a total success.

We got a short statement from his good friend the Primadonna Cat. “It is amazing how he does it all. He is an amazing talent! The best off all is that spite his talent he is a down to earth cat that does not tame himself to serious at all”.

The end of an era

After the hens was informed that it really did not matter whether they laid egg or not, as the egg would be on drugs, well the first egg arrived. With this speed we can expect a new egg already in the end of next week. The rooster wrapped it nicely inn and gave it to their/his beloved vet. The vet claimed to be thankful.

When asked why they suddenly had started to lay egg the spokehen said “Sometimes you just have to get it out”.

The monthly moon concert

Yesterday the moon was full. Therefore all the dogs and foxes in the area held their monthly moon concert. After years of performance the repertoire is huge and the artist was afraid to disappoint their entire fan with not getting through it all, but when they took all the night to use, they did manage to get through the all. Not an eye where closed.

The Godmother Dog sais that they are truly honoured to have such an amazing fan club, and that she is moved that nobody fell asleep during their performance, even though it was in night time.


The catnip is still not harvested.

The Catnip Producer sais "It could be worse, we could have no catnip at all".

Weather forecast

Luckily the sun is naked and only some small clouds can be seen. The only problem is the strong wind that only seems to grow stronger and stronger.

The dogs recommend staying indoors as the wind makes it impossible to get any serious sleep done outside.

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