Saturday, 20 June 2009

June 20th


The Chief Pig is doing great. He enjoys his new life as a lightweighter. The M.A.S.H is only used under sleeping sessions. The rest of the time he runs about and bother the rest as he has always done.

The Little Minipig says: “I still look up to the Chief pig as my one and only hero, but my, I could get used to all this me time.”

Hitting the wall

While out flying the Spokeshen had a tine miscalculation, and therefore touched the wall on her way out of their house. Luckily the miscalculation was small, so it was only the very tip of the wing that had contact with the doorframe. We are still surprised by it all, as normally nobody here does any miscalculations at all.

The Spokeshen said he following: “So I touched the wall, live with it, I do.”

Wet again

During yet another visit to the O Mighty River, yet again Mamas Boy Dog fell in the water. This time it was told to be a little more in control, but still, it was wetter than he had calculated. Strangely enough the river bank holds very little weight while Mamas Boy Dog passes by. Luckily this seems to be a problem only for him, and the grounds are more solid when other and heavier dogs and humans pass by.

The God Mother Dog says: “I am so happy to have such a wonderful boy. He even looks good when he is soaked. Thank heavens he has my genes.”

The Fishy truth

During a human excursion today they actually managed to find rove that huge fish do live in the river, and they even managed to take photographic prove of it. What they did not manage was to bring the fish back home.

The Primadonna Cat says: “Well, it would been even beter if they had brought the fish back home, but hey, what can you expect from humans anyway?”

Sleep tight

After the accident we do not talk about, the Model Cat has been good at remembering to do some safe sleeping. Unfortunately he is rapidly getting back to his old sins. The Peacecat has therefore under several occasions jumped in to protect the Model Cat from himself. Synchronized Sleeping is no the new big thing!

The Peacecat said as follows: “I actually do not mind sleeping next to my mentor. He has always been great to me, and it is so wonderful to finally be able to give something back.”

Numbers of eggs today: 1

Total numbers of eggs: 14

Weather Forecast

Some serious leaking is coming up! The dogs reccomend to be aware!

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  1. Hey Hey hey,
    seems like a great day, but how is the SubHuman doing? please keep me updated!!

    Hugs and tummykuttling to you all xx