Tuesday, 16 June 2009

june 16th

The Model Cats SAFE at sleep
After the awful accident, the Model Cat do not want to talk about, he has decided to start with safe sleeping. From now on he will only sleep on places where it is absolutely no possibilities to role over, at least for now.
There is no comment in this case, as the Model Cat has sensured them all.

New cat on the block
The neighbour cat has given birth to a beautiful tabby grey cat. We could not be happier. We have all ready put her on a starter course in hunting, kitty hygiene and trekking. We can not trust her mother with this, as she is just hopeless with everything expect sleeping.
The Model Cat says: “PPRRRRRRR What a beauty!”

Today 3 falcons enjoyed flying over our home. We enjoyed seeing them fly. For half an hour they flew around in circles, before they suddenly went away.
The Model cat says: “Our Beauty is just so amazing, that even the falcons get taken away”.

Vading the river
After a visit to the river the dogs noticed some truly scary by their human driver. The driver was actually seen climbing up the local waterfall. There is no a serious discussion going on, whether the human shall be allowed to keep visit the river or not. In the meantime we are seeking a cure for the illness.
The God Mother Dog says: We all know that humans are crazy, but this was bad even for a human. And she does not even have a protective fur”

Still something fishy
We have continued our search for truth regarding the so called fish existence in our local river. We were Shocked to hear that the human neighbours claimed to have caught 2 trouts the day before. The size told to be 25 cm each.
The Primadonna Cat says: “Our humans will now have to start fishing, as we feel quit hungry.”

Number of eggs: 1

Weather Forecast
The sun is still very naked, but some wind may keep the temperature below 30, but only maybe! The dogs recommend doing as little as possible and keeping drinking.

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