Sunday, 14 June 2009

June 14th

Peacecat a victim?
Yesterday the Peacecat arrived home with a small wound at his forehead. Apparently also peace negations can be violent. The peace talks will continue spight the tiny itsy bitsy injury.
The Peacecat had the following comment “IT really is not a big deal. Everybody knows that a mosquito will bite upon pressure. Still you just gotta give it a try!”

Caring Dog
Yesterday Mamas Boy Dog was given a piece of bread. Originally it was meant for eating, but did not go down well with mamas boy. Instead he developed some strange fatherly symptoms and is not watching carefully over the defenceless piece of bread. He even brought it with him into bed, so that none of them would get a nightmare.
The God Mother says “When I taught him to be a caring dog, that wasn’t completely what I had in mind, but if it works for him, I will support him. And no, that is not bread crumbs around my snout, eeeeh…… gotta go!”

Fashionable eating
The pigs are caring for their reputation, and are therefore striving to become fashionable eaters. Still pig I pigs, and dressing up for a better meal can very well be done at the same time as eating. Make up at male pigs are also considered as upper class pig fashion.
The Model Cats just says “We can’t all be purrfect”

The definition of hot
The definition of hot is when the dogs refuse to go out and the pigs don’t manage to finish their course.
The Chief Cat says that yes it is drastically hot, but life must go on. There still is food to be eaten and places to inspect. We cats take our jobs very serious, and some heat is not breaking us down.

Leaving home
Today the hens left the safety of their own coop. All the hens where observed outside the gate, but due to the scariness of the big world it was not a long adventure for the hens. They rapidly re-entered the coop before they forgot where the door was.
Official statements have been issued from the Hen Department “Whaw, what an adventure”.

Number of eggs: 2

Weather Forecast
Even hotter!! The sun is naked, andwants to stay so.
The dogs recommend that you stay indoors and concentrate of sleeping your way through the heat.

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  1. glad to see fresh news from your farm ... the poppies are in bloom at my farm ... as concerns my pictures, my camera is broken so [ beside the cat pictures ] I find pictures from the internet that match what is going on in my garden and at the river and such ... next year I will have a camera and get lots and lots of pictures .... for now I will just get pics that are close to what you might see in my garden on a nice summer day ... or night