Wednesday, 17 June 2009

June 17th

Scared dogs

2 trembling dogs have been observed in the living room. This was during a Weatherly concert with a touch of thunder. The dogs refused to go out until they where absolutely no doubt what so ever that the thunder had passed. This took some time to establish, as it is hard to hear anything through the social snoring of the dogs.

An official statement has been issued from the dogs: “We are NOT afraid of the thunder, we just enjoy the quit acoustics that is in the living room”.

Wet chickens

The concern for the hen department has reoccurred during today’s rain. The hens were not only observed running around in the rain, but they also clearly enjoyed it. Off course the observing period was short lived as nobody else could be bother staying outdoors in that kind of weather. Still after the rain stopped, the hens were seriously wet and content.

The spokehen had this to say about the matter: “Who doesn’t enjoy a shower every now and then?”

New chickens arriving?

Believe it or not, but today we were also informed that we will soon get more chicken company. In accordance to our source, two more hens will arrive shortly. The source also reveals that these hens are supposed to be drug free and therefore lay egg you can actually eat.

The Chief Pig is wondering if it would not be better with a lovely female pig instead.

Human temp

During the absence of the one human, we were today informed that tomorrow a human temp will arrive. This would normally have been good news, but could they really not find anyone which hadn’t broken their arm in 3 places?

The Chief Cat has given us the following comment: “Well, off course this humans want to stay with us, we are quit used to being popular. Still is he coming here he better be able to give me some tummy scrubs.”

Primadonna cat attacked

The Primadonna Cat had find herself a nice dry spot indoors when a bed sheet fell over her under very mystic circumstances. The Primadonna Cat got furious and decided to leave the house. Luckily the raining had stopped in the meantime.

The Primadonna Cat said the following: “When did the law of gravity get more important than the law of the divas?”

Number of eggs: 1
Total numbers of eggs: 12

Weather Forecast

The leaking has stopped, butt he sun does not seem to be in any hurry to get undressed again.

The dogs recommend to stay indoors, as all favourite outdoor spots are wet.

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