Wednesday, 17 June 2009

June 18th

The Primadonna Cat gets her revenge

After being attacked by an evil bed sheet earlier on the day, the Primadonna Cat got her revenge later on yesterday. When she returned to the house, she was lucky enough to find a nice cosy bed with a completely fresh set with linen made up. She immediately jumped in and did some serious shedding. She did not stop until she called for dinner.

The Primadonna Cat says: “A Diva will always be a Diva, and with this gravity laws my shedding will stick like glue, hihihihihi”.

An evening walk

Yet again the pigs did with out any thought for their own wellbeing take the humans out for a walk. This time they also decided that the neighbour dogs needed some exercise. In the end they had exercised everyone so much, that the smallest pig had to order a hike with a human back home.

The Chief Pig says: We really believe in exercise, but next time we will have to leave out the dogs. Those bastards stole our grissini’s (breadsticks).”

Peacats continue his quest for peace.

The Peacecat is over his depressions and are back on negotiating peace between the different animals on the farm. Yesterday he had some serious talk with the pigs. So fare we can only hope his conversation will be a success.

The Peacecat has given the following statement: “We have started all over and take it step by step. Remember, also small steps are steps.”


We have the pleasure to pronounce the firefly season as officaly opened. One of our favourite seasons of the year. Yesterday the Model Cat saw the very first invidual firefly and we can only hope this will be yet another wonderful season with fireflies. They make hunting so easy.

The Model Cat says "It allways gives such a thrill seaing the first firefly of the year. I don't know why they so desperatly wants to tell me where they are, but I really do not mind".

Extra human arrived

The extra human has now arrived. So far his arm does has worked out well, and he has done all the propper human things as scratch our tummies, fed us and even drove the pigs for their vet control.

The God Mother Dog says: "So far he only misunderstood once, and that was when he brought the pigs for a drive and not us dogs, but hey, I know I have to give him some slack."

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