Monday, 15 June 2009

june 16th

The Modell Cat in a serious accident!
Yesterday evening the Model Cat was incredible unfortunate and got himself in a terrible accident. While sleeping peacefully on the ledge of the patio, he took a wrong rolling over during a dream. This caused him to fell off the hedge. He was desperately trying to claw himself back in to safety, but it was al in vain. The fall was 3 m.
The human rushed to his side and helped check him out. Luckily no broken bones where found, no pain either. The only thing found was some wore down claws, so there will not be much hunting for a while. After a couple of minutes he walked away. He did not even go to the vet. Still he had to be observed for several hours, just to be on the safe side.
The Spokehen was an eyewitness and say”It was absolutely awful to watch. He was hanging on by his front paws. I thought he was going to make it, but then he fell down. Oh my I was so worried. It was awful, just pure awful. I hope I will never se anything like that again.”
The Chief Cat says “I could not believe it. I immediately went to check it out for myself. I was so relived to se he was doing great, but I stayed with him for the rest of the evening, just to be on the safe side”,
The Model Cat himself does not want to talk about it!

Something fishy
During an excursion to the mighty river the dogs claimed they saw fish. So far we have not seen any proper evidence to prove that the fish exist.
The Primadonna cat says “I would so love for this to be true, but unfortunately I do not smell anything fishy”.

Hunting high and low
Today the hens caught they very first beetle. They immediately went back to their henhouse for a huge feast. The party lasted for several minutes.
The spokehen said “This adventure just keep getting better and better”.

Yet again a fight broke out between the normal suspects. No vets where needed this time, but the Chief Pig had to cool off in his pen, where he will be until he gets an appointment with the big nutcracker.
The Peacecat says that he sincerely hope it will helps to get his nuts removed. This will also helps the family planning, as we do not want any small piglet we can’t find a house to. This is a win win situation.

Secret Negotiations
The Peacecat is still working for peace, but after the fight between Mamas Boy Dog and the Chief Pig, he has no moved the negations to a secret place. This place is actually so secret that only the Peacecat himself now the location.
The official statement from the Peacecat informs us that “Due to some minor set backs, I have decided to start from scratch”.

Number of eggs:O

Weather Forecast!
The usual, naked sun and a very hot heat.
The dogs recommend you to urge down to the river.

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