Saturday, 6 June 2009

June 6th

The poor rooster got seriously ill through the night. When one of his feet stopped working properly he was rushed to an isolated M.A.S.H unit (Mobile Animal Sickbed Housing) where he is medicated accordingly. We are very concerned for his well being, and the hens are missing him terrible.
The rooster has broken his silence and finally given a statement. I feel bad he said.

Chicks on drugs
Unfortunately the bacterial infection of the rooster seems to be contagious, so also the hens are being medicated accordingly. We have therefore been informed that all eggs must not be eaten for 3 weeks.
The spokeshen says that this is not a problem for them, as they are not laying egg anyway.

Serious delay in the catnip harvest
Due to a somewhat strong wind moving in from the south, today’s planned catnip harvest had to be postponed until further notice. In the meantime we have organized a voluntary cat watch to keep the poor plants down. Not strangely the volunteers had to be fought off.
The catnip producer sais that he is completely calm about the situation, and that has nothing to about the fact that he was currently laying in the catnip field.

Break out
One of the pigs did a break out from his pen this morning. Apperently he had some urgent matter with his food bowl. The pen has now been secured with yet another big heavy stone.
The pig said he was hungry and just wanted to remind the human that it was almost time for breakfast.

Teaching a lesson

After the Godmother Dog caught a pig rednoosed in her food bowl, she decided to give him a lesson. So during the next pigmeal a confused and terrified pig had to watch the old lady eating his food.
The Godmother Dog sais that the pigfood was surprisingly good, and she think the pigs need a lot more lessons.

Is the peacecat lost?

We all know the peacecat work hard to get a true peace (or at least a understanding) between the different species. Even though what was he thinking when he decided to command a human lap for a short nap right before dinnertime? We where all chocked of his behaviour.
The peacecat states that he was just feeling tired after a long day negotiating between the dogs and pigs.

Rooster update
Please be advised that the rooster has situated himself strategically between his food and his water. He is currently standing on 2 feet. This is a very good sign.

Weather forecast

The sun is naked for the time being, but some strong winds are bringing some nasty looking clouds. The dogs recommend you to stay inside as windsurfing dog beds can be hard to control.

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