Thursday, 11 June 2009

June 11th

Bloody fight
What was meant to be a pleasant romantic hit from the pig’s side somewhat took a nasty turn. Under an up and very close serenade, the dog asked him to stop. When the pig did not find this necessary an angry dog went to drastic matters and bit the pig on his nose. Afterwards they where both standing like struck by the lightning. The pig was rushed into the kitchen for blood stopping treatment, and from there it went straight to the vets. No stitches were needed but the pig will be joining the antibiotic fan club. The vets also prescribed distance between the dogs and the pigs.
We where lucky to get a statement from a depressed Peacecat “All that work and than this! Maaan I am depressed. The work for peace is so hard.”

Research back
After a serious investigation the research team has now finished their report. Unfortunately this report what not a pleasant reading. The theory that the rooster had passed something on to the hens was not right. The vets did not only find intestine worms, but they found a lot of it. There is now way this could have been passed on by the rooster. Therefore it is proven that all the hens and the rooster where ill before they arrived at the petting zoo. Luckily they are now all doing well. One thing is for sure, the next hens will NOT arrive from this crock, even though he has been the sole hen provider in the village for years. The farmer himself says that it is not his problem that our hens are ill!
The spokehen is saying “I would like to take this opputunity to thank everyone who helped us getting better. Finally we feel good”

Where is the tooth fairy?
A very proud big pig did today loose his very first tooth. The tooth is currently safely put under the food bowl, and the pig himself is waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive with the golden apple.
A proud pig have given following statement “I just can’t wait, I just can’t wait, I just can’t wait”.

Dining Out
Today the dogs decided they wanted to eat out. So to our delight we got some peaceful hours at home. The visit to the trattoria was told to be a little disappointing. The positive thing was that they where greeted with their own water bowl, but the fact that the waitress did not walk around the table, and therefore sometimes accidentally brushed upon some fur………
The God Mother Dog says “What has the world come to, when you can’t even take a small nap in the middle of the floor”.

Food delivery
We shall not say that the focus to the humans is totally wrong, but sometimes it is truly disturbing. Like today when they came home from the pet store. Yes, pet store good, but HEY, where was the cat food?? After a throughtly search of the car we had to face the truth. Only dog food had been bought! This is a shame, pure awful. So it is a fact that we still have a lot of food and the dogs where empty, but what the heck does that have to do with anything?
The Chief Cat had the following comment “GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

Numbers of eggs: 1

Weather Forecast
The sun is totally undressed and the temprature will rize to HOT HOT HOT
The dogs are to hot to recommend anything


  1. always good to see such a variety of activities on your farm ... not much happening on mine these days

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